Fair pricing, anti-hoarding, and anti-price gouging policy:

It is Eastern PPE Imports, LLC's policy to take the following steps to ensure fair and transparent pricing:

1) These respirators are NIOSH Approved N95 for standard use and were produced on or after March 10, 2020.

2) We determine and maintain transparent and conscionable pricing for our products using cost:price ratios established by analyzing government purchase records for similar products from two vendor types: product manufacturers and resellers. By analyzing the difference in accepted prices between the two vendor types we are able to find an acceptable ratio of manufacturer to reseller pricing. Because the US government is the most informed buyer, with a complex public bidding and vetting process, we believe the cost:price ratios they establish in the prices they accept are reasonable and conscionable.

3) We only sell goods which originate outside of the USA in order to increase USA domestic availability and supply.

4) We are a for-profit company with cost of goods, shipping, handling, tariffs, fees, gratuities, transportation, taxes, debt servicing, staffing, rent, legal, sales, travel, and marketing as well as other direct and indirect overhead expenses which are considered by GAAP to be allowable business expense. 

5) We seek to provide value-adding products that increase market supply and availability.

6) We do not engage in hoarding, storing, and price-timing sales. All available goods are listed on www.easternppeimports.com, which have not been pre-sold, are for sale for our online price as shown plus shipping and handling.

7) Prices are set and adjusted from time-to-time by our managers.

8) We do not engage in sales to states, individuals, or entities in jurisdictions whose laws or actions are determined by our advisors to pose threat of civil or criminal penalties for providing products at current market prices. We exclusively sell to individuals and entities in states which allow market prices to freely adjust according to supply and demand via natural market forces.