Eastern PPE Imports is addressing the catastrophic supply chain challenges currently impacting the entire United States.

At this time there is a significant need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including high-quality particulate respirators for activities that require protection from hazardous aerosols and particulates in the environment.

The N95 masks available from Eastern PPE Imports are certified by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) for standard use, like those normally available at large US retailers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the global supply of industrial PPE is manufactured in China, which has resulted in severe domestic shortages for a variety of reasons.

First, Chinese export regulations for all PPE products are now extremely strict. Though there is plenty of supply, today almost all manufacturers sell to the highest bidder, requiring upfront payment in full to secure any supply of personal NIOSH N95 respirators. Exacerbating the issue is the fact that countries all over the world are using personal respirators for off-label purposes and clamoring for Chinese manufacturers to fill their orders. This has resulted in raw materials shortages and record-high manufacturer prices in China, making PPE from China many times more expensive now than what it cost in the pre-pandemic market.

This is the background information that led to the creation of Eastern PPE Imports, LLC to save lives. Eastern's team members have worked closely with Chinese companies for over a decade, obtaining raw materials and manufactured goods for other companies. We have close, trusted relationships within the Chinese manufacturing industry. We witnessed the severe shortage of personal N95 masks in the United States and decided to address the need for standard N95s no longer available as a result of the redirection of US domestic production.

The respirators we sell are produced by Guangzhou Harley Commodity Co, a high-end manufacturer of NIOSH certified N95 respirators for personal use (they also manufacture respirators and masks for a number of well known international brands in addition to selling under their own Harley brand which we sell on our web site). Their L-188 N95 respirator is a unique winged design targeted for long-term comfortable wear. These NIOSH certified N95 respirators are registered and verifiable on the CDC’s website. Their device registration number is TC-84A-6973.

We would like to reiterate that all of our masks were purchased after a state of emergency was already declared in all US domestic locations. Our goal has been bringing into the United States an additional, supplementary supply of respirators to serve our domestic community.